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GOES-R Satellite Liftoff (image courtesy of NASA)

GOES-R Satellite Liftoff (image courtesy of NASA)

The GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) program promises to take our understanding of weather and ability to forecast to a new and exciting level by collecting and processing more data than ever before. TPM is proud of the role it has played on this joint project for NASA and NOAA.

TPM was brought in to provide significant Systems Engineering support on this high-profile and immensely important satellite program. TPM experts have since offered rigorous Management and Planning to help the project reach Mission Readiness. TPM has executed a range of assistance on this project, which has included assisting in the design of end-to-end test procedures for instrumentation, review of instrument interface control documentation and implementation for ground subsystems and systems, development of the Operations Concept (OpsCon).

TPM has worked effectively with both NASA and NOAA staff and the results have been tremendous. What was once considered a high-risk project, is now so successful that the program has been expanded to include more satellites in the future. In addition, TPM has also added operation of the GOES-R satellite to their support of this project.  

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