Technology Project Managers, Inc. provides Engineering Management solutions to the Federal government, Enterprise clients, as well as teaming with other Engineering firms to augment their resources. Based in Silver Spring, MD, we are an SBA 8(a) Certified company. 

We have a highly-trained staff representing years of experience in Technology Project Management. Clients work with us because they need reliable, knowledgeable and diplomatic professionals to address a range of program needs, We are proud to provide assistance to NASA projects (e.g. ISS, the James Web Space Telescope), NOAA (GOES satellite program) and SGT.    

What We Do

TPM provides targeted, multi-disciplinary support. We are used to working in complicated settings, where diplomacy is valued along with knowledge and professionalism. We are proud to have clients that request our help again and again because they trust us to work well with their teams and deliver exceptional work. 

Our Approach

When you choose TPM, you work with a group of varied and experienced team of professionals that leverage best practice techniques acquired through deep experience. This means access to individuals who utilize reliable, standardized industry and business processes. Some of these include DCAA (Accounting), INCOSE (Systems Engineering), PMI (Project Management), and CMAP (Change Management Custom Framework certification).

Foundations of our Strategic Plan 

TPM’s strategic direction has its foundation in our vision, our mission and our values.

This foundation drives TPM top level goals of building a company that:

  • Is recognized for its delivery of quality support solution services to our clients
  • Provides opportunities to grow to our staff
  • Makes a difference in our community


Our vision is to be the preferred provider of high value engineering solutions that make a difference in the world by improving the current state of the organization or creating new technologies that reduces costs, improves efficiencies, and promotes sustainability.


Our Mission is to provide Project Management Services, Organizational Change Management, Systems Engineering, Information Technology and Research and Development to our clients that reflects creativity, pride and the highest quality possible.

TPM Values

  • We are a Community of Stakeholders.
    • Our employees, consultants, associates and their families, our clients and other companies providing services to our clients, and everyone affected by TPMs actions are all stakeholders of our community. At TPM we make decisions to maximize the well-being of our community and to assure mission success to keep truthful to our values and within the boundaries of the competitive market-economy under which we we operate.
  • We are communicators.
    • One of the ways we can ensure the perception of the high value we have for our stakeholders is frequent, honest, and transparent communication about TPM progress and status on projects.  TPM endeavors to communicate regularly with our stakeholders to keep them updated on significant events as they occur.  Honest, two-way communication is essential to ensure this perception holds.
  • We are a community of professionals.
  • We will work on projects and solutions that make the world a better place.
  • We are a Meritocracy.